I Scoff at Bad Hair Days

This morning, one of my daughters was brushing her hair and said “I guess this is just going to be a bad hair day-ugh!” At the ripe old age of 10, I don’t want her dismissing all hope for the day based on the way her hair looks in the morning. So I did what any mother would do – I threw her in the shower and said “you don’t like it, change it!”

She went to school with a fabulous wet flip/headband hairstyle and a huge smile. I would like to think she learned a valuable lesson about self empowerment but I’m happy that just for today, she was able to own her day.


Any thoughts on how to nip negativity in the bud or just start your day on the right foot are welcome!!

ID10T Error

Last week was a week not unlike those I hear as recounts of experience leading up to suicide. Okay, that is a little dramatic, but I am seriously over my kids sports, doctor appointments, sickness, and pets.

I cannot get it through my thick (beautifully coiffed) skull that over scheduling is bad – even if I really want to do the stuff I schedule. The high point of my week was seriously rocking out with my kids on the Kinect dance game. (are they laughing AT me or WITH me?!??)

The low point, well here it is:

A common theme in my life is the continual (unfounded) fear that I will be fired/laid off at any moment. (also a common hope/dream). With that in mind, I had come to a stopping point in one project and started getting ready for the next when I realized I had (dramatic pause) FREE TIME. Panic gripped my brain. I was convinced I was no longer needed. I actually came in to work thinking “Is this really what I want to be wearing the day I get fired?!?”

That day my boss sent me the following e-mail “I need to see you in my office as soon as you get this.” I knew this was it. One month away from my 10-year anniversary with the company and they were giving me the boot. I collected myself and took the long walk to my boss’ office (okay it’s really just about 20 feet from my cube to her door but go with it).

She asked me to sit down (not good) and began some small talk about work load and upcoming company goals. I smiled and tried to squash the urge to run. The bile was rising in my throat and panic, oh the panic…then I heard “So we need you to take this legacy item and see it through. Additionally, we have a new project in April that requires your expertise and will need the detailed organization you can provide…” (continue narrative about my involvement in several projects)

I’m an idiot!!! (What’s that I see, oh yeah, my self esteem. Lost it there for a minute. )