To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before

I have my 25 year class reunion this year. In preparation for this fun event, I have been talking to many of my high school friends. During the conversations I’ve noticed many of my friends have memories of their interactions with classmates – very detailed memories.

What is wrong with me that I don’t have these memories? Was I that unfeeling? Did I just not have any friends? Did I party a little too much between then and now? (Probably)

Don’t get me wrong I have memories of impactful events (First kiss, falling in love, educational successes, violin teachers, confirmation classes, meeting my husband, learning to drive, smoking, drinking, that one day I was in detention, etc…) I just don’t remember interactions with female friends. I do remember traits about my friends that I absolutely loved. If I could go back to high school as the perfect girl it would be a mash up of these traits.

I would be funny, kind, smart, pretty, witty, strong, wise, caring, social, sporty, graceful, encouraging, daring, sexy, artistic, musical, organized, patient, driven, spiritual and loving. I can document by name the women who I remember with these traits, but I won’t and you know why.

As I prepare to go relive those days this summer, I hope that my fellow female classmates look back and remember me fondly. If not, I’m calling you out. If you are at the reunion this summer, find me and give me a chance to make it right.