Are You a Teachers Pet or a Class Clown?


Being a good student can make life easier even if you’re not in school. many of the techniques good students use can be adopted to business, parenting and relationships.

Are you a good student? Here’s a little ‘yes or no’ quiz to gauge your “teach-ability.”

1. When enrolled in a course do you pick and choose the classes you will attend?
2. When given homework do you write down the assignments?
3. During class do you ask questions and listen to the answers fully?
4. If given the opportunity, do you work extra credit assignments?
5. Do you find yourself looking for additional information on class topics outside of class?
6. Do you talk to friends and loved ones about class topics?
7. If you do not understand class topics, do you contact the teacher during office hours to get additional help?

If you answered “yes” to at least 2 questions consider yourself a good student. If you answered “yes” to 4 or more questions you are an excellent student.

If you did not score many “yes” answers, here is your opportunity! Practice the techniques listed above (modify if necessary – you don’t want to call your kids during school hours) and see what a difference it makes.

Patience Schmatience

Patience is defined as – (1) the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like. (2) an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay: to have patience with a slow learner or (3) quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence: to work with patience.

I can effectively say I have not mastered the art of patience nor do I know many people who have. So, how is it that I can do soooo much “big talking” about meditation?? It’s not just talk and the truth is, I don’t know. It’s just not the same thing.

When I am faced with a delay, annoyance or provocation I have a physical reaction that I have to control to prevent an outburst. It took me years (literally) to learn to control the reaction but it is not automatic and sometimes I don’t even try…really. Meditation is different.

When meditating I am more purposeful about tuning out the world. My kids can scream, (as long as its not a pain scream) and the dogs can walk over me and the world can continue to buzz around me…with no reaction.

So mark “I just don’t have patience” off your list of excuses for skipping meditation…cause if this firecracker can manage it, so can you!

Didn’t We Just Do This Last Year?

So I went and checked my “New Years” post from last year ( and it feels like I may be a hamster on a wheel here. I didn’t set the same goals this year and the bitterness is decidedly less evident but ultimately I am still trying in different ways to be a productive person and help others…and the clock (or cute doggie watch) keeps ticking. So here is what I am going to do….trash it all.

I’m tossing my resolution to be nice, ditching the theory that somehow I can become a better person and create happier energy everywhere I go in one year. Lost is the image of myself as Glenda the good witch spreading comfort and joy to those around me.

The trick is this, I have been working toward this goal and succeeding little by little for years. I am betting outside of weight loss and independent wealth, you have done the same thing. Anyone who has made a conscious effort to be “better” probably is and its not a limited time engagement – its every day, all the time.

This year I am working toward certifications and notable ways to get better at what I do but I was doing that last year and I will be doing it next year. You dont have to put a target on the wall or a label on this year to achieve…although I do recommend a good vision board and motivational essential oils;-)

You Cannot Plough a Field…

You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind. – Author Unknown

Think about it…this quote is a call to action. I talk, talk, talk about what I am going to do and what I need to do. It seems common to make a plan and find the best ways to reach goals and then once the plan is in place the action fizzles out and its “back to the drawing board.” Don’t get me wrong- I’m just talking about my own personal experience. I’m sure no other person on earth has done this. (And the billion dollar weight loss industry is great testament to my singular inadequacy)

Last week I stopped planning and started doing. I needed a LOT of help. (Still do too-just a babe in the woods here) I had two goals: eat less and get aerobic activity every day. I ate less sugar and crappy stuff (YAY). I did not do aerobic activity every day (BOO). I did do more activity though and it was fun! Please keep commenting and posting ideas on Facebook. Call me out if I check in at McDonald’s!! I dare ya!

This week’s new challenge: Home organization!!! Cluttered closets and crammed kids rooms beware!! I’m making room for holiday gifts and all the wrap crap that goes along with it.

This weekend is all about the purge. By Sunday, I plan to be able to walk in my walk-in closet. (woohoo) Ill put ip pics and progress through the weekend (starting tonight) Please post a comment if you know how to do this better!

HM2HM: ….and GO!!!

The theme for today is “What Goes In, Must Come Out”…uhm…GROSS!!! Not really, I am starting this challenge (which I shortened to HM2HM because sometimes cheesy is fun) with diet and exercise. Heather posted some GREAT stuff on the Facebook page and it got me inspired. Please look because its really worth it (

What goes in…

Can I get a "Yum Yum"

I started with diet (as in what you eat NOT how you can torture yourself and launch head-first into a month-long fast food binge fest) and decided of all the things I have seen the skinny cow idea was my favorite. (I can’t wait for tonight) Seriously, here are the guidelines I am following and keep in mind I am a pescatarian which is a douchey way to say vegetarian who also eats fish and cheese. 1. Eat smaller more-frequent meals (goal is 5 per day). 2. Increase protein and reduce carbs and sugar. 3. Don’t deprive. That is it…for now.

Must Come out…

Exercise not bodily functions!! I am moving in an aerobic fashion every day. Last night that meant walking to the soccer fields and playing soccer with my kids (they won). I will commit to 30 minute duration and plan to add in resistance next week. If I eat something with a lot of jazzed up calories, that means more exercise. So with that, it begins.

I want to share a realization I came to while running down the soccer field yesterday: If you’re carrying around 4 D’s up top, a super strong exercise bra is not an option.



Jedi Mom Trickin’

Like many moms, I have an emotional tornado loose in my home: A child in middle school. It’s a new school year and with that comes new challenges.

This year we have added school sports to the mix and it’s football season for my man-child. Football season…in Texas. He is experiencing real stress for possibly the first time in his life.

One night last week I pulled into the driveway and out came my son tightly wound and ready to burst. As I sat/stood with the car door open and one leg out, he let loose a string of “impossible” tasks that HAD to be completed for the next few days.

I had the opportunity to solve the problem for him but instead I figured it would be a good time to “walk the talk.” It was time for the Jedi mom trick.

First, I had to shake off my own issue with the situation (what the…?? Can’t a mom get out of the stinkin’ car before she is attacked???). Then I gently placed a hand on each of his arms near the shoulder and lightly brushed downward. At the same time I told him to take a deep breath in and out. Then I asked him to think through each item on his list and tell me how I could help.

Thank heaven it worked!!! A few well placed “ya think?” and “sounds good” phrases and he had it all figured out.

Done and done!! Until next time…