It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


I have been avoiding Christmas like the plague this year. For reals. The kids put the tree up last week (I usually have that sucker blazing in the living room by thanksgiving) and I haven’t wrapped a single present. I feel like I’m being sucked into this holiday black hole whilst kicking and screaming and clawing to get out.

And then this weekend happened.

Friday I got a call from my bank, my debit card was being cancelled 5 days before Christmas because target needs a better security plan. (Christmas cheer -0, bah humbug -1) My mom flew in from Florida in plenty of time to see my daughter sing in her holiday All-City Choir concert and we had dinner with good friends and 4 giggly girls. (Christmas cheer -1, bah humbug -1)

Saturday we went to the mall. It was raining so everyone who may have chosen not to come to the mall the Saturday before Christmas…did. I do not like crowds and I especially do not like crowds who smell like “wet dog”. I also do not like navigating crowds when I’m walking around with a crack-dealer style wad of cash in my purse because my debit card was murdered 5 days before Christmas!!! (Christmas cheer -1, bah humbug -2)

My entire family LOVED the mall! The excitement, the sparkle, the anticipation in the air (smells like wet dog), it all felt like Christmas! There was a little sadness for my mom and I missing my dad who passed in August BUT we also had ROCKSTAR parking spaces open up everywhere we went that day and found amazing gifts. (Christmas cheer -2, bah humbug -2)

That night, we decided to go see a fun and light movie about the creation of the movie “Mary Poppins.” You know the one where the dad dies and the little girl weeps over his dead body. WTF?!? (Christmas cheer -2, bah humbug -3) (I hope my dad kicks Walt Disney’s ass in heaven for that one – though it not his style and it’s heaven and all)

So let’s move on to Sunday, bloody Sunday. We got up and took mom to church where the sermon discussed the hardships we face this time of year, including divorce, financial hardships and, you guessed it, the untimely death of the preacher’s father. (Now I’m just waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out and tell me I’m being punk’d) (Christmas cheer -2 bah humbug -4)

Sunday afternoon after crying in the movie and crying at church I had NO intention of going to the Holiday Symphony and lunch with the family, but I went anyway. After an amazing lunch and a stop for coffee, we headed to the symphony.

The joyous music from a full symphony and choir was enough to squash any bah humbug! The kids were enthralled, Santa a Mrs. Claus showed up and the Tenor gave a heart-filling performance!! The whole thing ended with a sing-a-long and we sung our way out the door.

I am now jumping into this holiday with both feet. I’m a little late but ready to party!

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