I am a married mother of three lovely children. My husband and I have a son in middle school and twin girls in elementary school. (insert mother of multiples street cred here) My children play several sports (not an option in this community) and are expected to get high grades in school. (that would be my expectation, not so much theirs)

By day, I work as a Project Manager. I am fascinated by my work but understand that the vast majority of the population is not. The only projects I will blog are home, health and family projects, not work. (You’re welcome)

Spiritually, I am a card-carrying Episcopalian. This means I am a Christian. I love God and meditate and pray a LOT. (actually, I’m doing it right now) I also have an insatiable curiosity about other religions and I am undeniably convinced that we all have an available channel of communication with God – we just need to listen as much as we speak.

I have the best sister on the face of the planet and she introduced me to primordial sound meditation (look it up, it will change your life). I will not hesitate to mention this often.

I was vegan for two years but yearned for cheese every day so now I am a lacto-ovo pescatarian (which is a dramatic way to say I eat seafood, cheese and veggies).

I left out all the stuff that really sucks about me because its not flattering that I probably micro-manage my husband and kids, hover over the kids’ teachers, look down my nose at people who disagree with me, judge everyone who is different from me and fight every day to NOT do these things.

At the end of the day, like you, I strive to grow closer to God, love my family, and make the people in my life feel better for having known me…to keep the faith, daily.

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