Are You a Teachers Pet or a Class Clown?


Being a good student can make life easier even if you’re not in school. many of the techniques good students use can be adopted to business, parenting and relationships.

Are you a good student? Here’s a little ‘yes or no’ quiz to gauge your “teach-ability.”

1. When enrolled in a course do you pick and choose the classes you will attend?
2. When given homework do you write down the assignments?
3. During class do you ask questions and listen to the answers fully?
4. If given the opportunity, do you work extra credit assignments?
5. Do you find yourself looking for additional information on class topics outside of class?
6. Do you talk to friends and loved ones about class topics?
7. If you do not understand class topics, do you contact the teacher during office hours to get additional help?

If you answered “yes” to at least 2 questions consider yourself a good student. If you answered “yes” to 4 or more questions you are an excellent student.

If you did not score many “yes” answers, here is your opportunity! Practice the techniques listed above (modify if necessary – you don’t want to call your kids during school hours) and see what a difference it makes.

5 thoughts on “Are You a Teachers Pet or a Class Clown?

  1. I was a top student in school and you have absolutely nailed their characteristics. May I just add that it doesn’t hurt to be a wee bit of a class clown? I took myself far too seriously and it made my journey to maturity harder than it needed to be. If I couldn’t achieve the perfect balance, though, I am glad that erred on the side of too serious instead of not learning anything.

  2. I could’ve answered this before reading the quiz..Because I’m just that kind of nerd:) I am a good student and as I age, that has become more of a source for which to be proud. Cool post!

  3. I am clearly an overachiever, answering YES to each question. Now I simply have to ask my high school aged daughter the same questions.

    I know when I was in college, I wouldn’t have been able to answer yes to all of them. I was much more shy then…. much more afraid of teachers….

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